Friend is a word that defines way too much for a word having only six letters. You start your journey by trusting in a complete stranger. You believe in someone you haven't known for long and slowly you start living the most precious moments of your life with them. A friend is your support... Continue Reading →


With love

My grey strands of hair kept caressing my pale, wrinkled face, and I couldn't open my eyes for long. I was so thirsty, and weak. I could hardly see anyone, but, yes! I could feel. My family. They were shedding slow tears, weeping, praying, and craving for me, to become the old lady, who wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Girl On The Train- BOOK REVIEW

The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins is a spellbinding Psychological Thriller.  This book is based on the narratives of three women; Rachel, Megan and Anna. They belong to the same area, even though Rachel had to move out because her ex husband Tom Watson chose Anna over her. She missed her house and... Continue Reading →

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